How To Join

Support Our Kids with Their Future

Subscriptions are recommended at £5 per month or for those wishing to assist further, a £100 annual payment.

Monthly payments shall repeat on the 1st of every month by Direct Debit. Annual payments are processed shortly after signup, and shall repeat on the same date annually, also by Direct Debit. Both can be cancelled by you at any time.

To get your subscription up and running, please select your preferred payment by clicking on the relevant graphic below.

Pay Via Paypal:
If you do not wish to pay by Direct Debit, then you can now support us by using Paypal! To do so please use the button below:

Individual donations can be also be received, whilst all information collected is treated with confidentiality.

Or simply email us as and we shall contact you to arrange your subscription and support.

Businesses interested in becoming partners in this community focused scheme, or wish to work with us in delivering any of the Corporate Social Responsibilities can also contact us for further information at

It is important to remember that all money raised is specifically ringfenced in a separate bank account which can only be accessed by the CIC Directors and Board who are 100% independent from Leigh Centurions. At least 2 signatories will be required to allocate any funds.