Aims and Objectives of the CIC

The group is being set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This provides 100% transparency, annual reports and accounts.

By creating the CIC, we can maximise the amount of funding that can be applied for from various sources including the loyal Centurions fanbase who are passionate about helping to create a successful pathway for the local youth players to thrive both on and off the pitch.

Importantly, a CIC cannot be associated with a professional body and therefore needs to be run as a separate entity from Leigh Centurions.

To satisfy the terms of the CIC, we are offering real community benefits and resources to assist the Centurions in their aim to establish a community driven development pathway.

How It Works

  • All funds raised go into Community projects revolving around the needs of our local amateur clubs and their players.
  • Leigh Centurions provide support by way of community officers, players, coaches etc.
  • Leigh Centurions keep a record of all services requested and received by the CIC and invoice the CIC at a mutually agreed time. This assists the entire Youth Development Programme, with further investment added by Leigh Centurions themselves.
  • Leigh Centurions will identify young players at an early age to allow the CIC and Leigh College to engage with these players as early as possible. This helps to map out a career and educational pathway which can be tailored to run alongside their rugby aspirations.
  • This will apply to players at both ends of the academic spectrum.
  • During their time at Leigh College, the player will also be available for the college rugby team as well as their community club. This also helps retain numbers within community rugby.
  • During their time at Leigh College, the player will be supported and encouraged to achieve their sporting and career goals.
  • Should the player be offered  a professional contract, the Centurions will continue this support of the player.
  • If the opportunity of a full time playing career does not present itself, then the player has still gained an education, and valuable life experience.
  • By offering them this opportunity, the player can remain committed to their community club yet still remain closely on the Centurions radar without having to make the tough choice of leaving one for the other at an early age with little to fall back onto, should the final opportunity of professional rugby league not become available.